Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Active Medical we understand about care – the people who need it and the people who provide it. To this end, our focus is on building the capability to not only provide outstanding products but also the solutions and service that work for patients and providers alike. Whether it is a new hospital project, an aged care facility or home care, Active Medical has the people, the products and the innovative solutions to support the people you care for.

Our Mission

To care for those who need care and those who provide care.

Our Vision

To supply and serve the hospital, aged and home care community with world class solutions and unequalled professionalism. We will be defined by the quality of our products, the depth of our knowledge, the sincerity of our service, the practice of good ethics and our respect for patients, customers and suppliers.


Care and Kindness – for each other
Hard Work – to achieve each other’s goals
Respect – for each other’s needs and contributions
Doing the Right Thing – by each other
Innovation and Inspiration – to lift each other’s horizons


Our Corporate Social Responsibility document is available upon request via info@activemedicalsupplies.com.au - it outlines our plan and our positive concepts of workplace ethics and culture. 


Our Journey for Reconciliation started in 2017 with the Active Medical RAP. Our vision is to ensure that Active Medical respect and embrace the culture of this lands Indigenous people, as well as to be actively involved in sharing our vision to all our stakeholders. Our focus is based around cultural awareness and education, while using our strengths to work closely with the Indigenous health sector. We are open to discussing and showcasing our Reconciliation Action Plan, so please request a copy via sam@activemedicalsupplies.com.au