Home Based Care

Active Medical understands that home-based care sometimes demands a varied response to the hospital and aged care sectors. To support the needs of individual carers, Active Medical provides a range of specific needs equipment backed by the service and product knowledge of a team with a combined 145 years of experience. Our people can take you through the range of options available for your individual situation and demonstrate proper and practical use at our customised showroom.


The experienced team at Active Medical understand both professionally and personally, the importance of maintain independence within the comfort of your own home.

A lot of the people we help are still independent; however just need assistive solutions as a result of an injury, hospital visit, Healthcare Professional’s advice or to help loved ones with their daily life.

With 26 years experience helping with solutions in community care, we understand sometimes that daily tasks may become difficult. Often things that we have taken for granted like getting out of bed, lifting yourself form a chair or just even moving around the house inherit more effort than they have before.

For those who come into our showroom, we can replicate the scenarios you would face at home with our daily living set ups. Our experienced and courteous staff gladly provide all the information and assistance you require.

We work extensively with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Aged Care Clinicians so that we can find the right form of solution for you. Over the course of 26 years, we have provided solutions to community care with diligence and professionalism. Our customers’ assurance comes from the fact that we don’t believe in sales, but support.

Bariatric Services

Active Medical first came to know the word Bariatric while working with PAH Manual Handling Team Leader in 1998. Tony kindly explained it was a new word being used in the USA. The word Bariatric was like other terms we used - paediatrics, geriatrics and so on.

At Active Medical we appreciate that a Bariatric patient need utmost care and compassion while respect for their dignity is of paramount importance.

This Bariatric condition is often beyond their control and can have a significant impact on quality of life. Various diseases can cause or be caused by weight gain and this is where bariatrics can help. Bariatric medicine assists those who struggle with their weight and require help with diet, exercise, pharmacotherapy and surgery. In order to treat a patient efficiently, it is important to have the right equipment. For many years now Active Medical Supplies have been considered a market leader with our comprehensive range of bariatric solutions.

Our bariatric products are ideal for use in Hospitals, Aged Care and Home Care. Active Medical provide all the equipment needed for Care and Rehabilitation including - Bariatric beds, Bariatric mattresses, Bariatric patient hoists and products can help make the patient comfortable and make it easier for staff to carry out their job efficiently. Combined with other hospital supplies, we can fit out your clinic to the highest standard.


Dementia can be a debilitating condition, forcing many into homes. However, with the right help and care, those with this illness can lead a happier, fuller life. Part of this is having the right equipment to help carers and medical professionals do their job properly and this is where Active Medical Supplies can help.

At Active Medical Supplies, we work hard to source the very best aged care and hospital equipment to provide dementia solutions for those in need. All of our products are quality tested and are ideal for creating a space that is both relaxing and efficient, keeping the patient comfortable and giving the carer or staff member space to carry out their job efficiently.

Pressure Care

Pressure injuries not only lead to a huge amount of pain and discomfort, but can sometimes even result in death. It is important to ensure patients are given the best in comfort to safeguard them from pressure injuries and treat those with previous ailments so you can see them leave your doors healthy and happy.

In aged care, hospitals and the community, our pressure injury prevention and treatment mattresses are highly effective. Our Care Of Sweden range has the clinical evidence and medical research to ensure the highest care. Prevent or treat pressure injuries with Active Medical through an array of options to suit, including cushions, mattresses and more.

Manual Handling

Some people need help moving through life. Manual handling products help make patient care easier for the medical professional and patient alike. At Active Medical Solutions, we have a number of manual handling products that can help in these scenarios.

Our solutions for all transfer situations are suitable for active and somewhat active users in hospitals, aged care and other medical facilities. In this section you will find RoMedic™ assistive devices for manual transfers and repositioning of users as well as for mobility support, e.g. during sit-to-stand and gait training. Each product page includes information about what transfer situations the device is suited for.