Active Medical have over 27 years experience in Community Care and working closely with Allied Health Staff. Our work with Ceiling Hoists extends into Special Schools, Homes, Respite Centres, Hostels, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities. 

Our team have come up with a list of questions and answers, that are commonly asked when it comes to Ceiling Hoists. It can be an extremely complicated process factoring in not only the clinical and cost element, but the engineering and logistics associated with an install. 

1) The space is very limited and I dont think we have the room for a Ceiling Hoist? 

This is quite common, particularly in Schools and Homes. On our initial consultation, we will look at the required measurements, limitations and of course, possibilities, as well as consulting with the builder. 

2) Our School requires a Ceiling Hoist to provide support and transfers for students with different sizes and disabilities. Does this cause a potential issue?

It is important we understand the specific purpose of Ceiling Hoist before we advise. However, in our experience, our systems of tracking, hoists and slings can cater for numerous sizes and disabilities.

Please note, it is vital the intention of use is discussed prior. 

3) There will be a number of different staff using the Ceiling Hoist system, are you able to provide education and demonstration of use to all of them? 

Absolutely - particularity in schools and homes it is imperative the user, supporting staff and/or family are well educated and informed on the system. We are more than happy to include this in the process. 

4) Do you provide an Engineers Certificate?

We recommend that an Engineers Certificate is provided and we can do so upon request.

5) How much do Ceiling Hoists cost?

Every case is different. Before a cost can be established, it is important to take into account the purpose, type of hoist and installation. However, we take you through this process and will give you a detailed breakdown of the costs.
Email for more information or if you have any questions. We are NDIS registered, so we can now advise accordingly.